Entrepreneurial Courage: How the Fruit Queen story began

Apr 29, 2024

In the world of fruit and vegetable trade, where the majority of leaders are men, the story of Tatsiana Lysenka has become a true source of inspiration. For 9 years now, Tatsiana has not only been working in this sector but also managing her own company, Fruit Queen.

After two years of working as an independent entrepreneur in the AGF sector, she decided to take her destiny into her own hands and establish Fruit Queen. She began her journey by working at the international company Fruit Market International (FMI), where she gained invaluable experience and decided to pursue her own business ambitions.

Female energy in the trading sphere: Fulfilling dreams and achieving success

Tatsiana was not afraid to choose an unconventional path in her career. Her passion for sales and the AGF sector became the key to her success. Starting her journey at Fruit Market International (FMI), she acquired valuable experience that proved indispensable in the creation and development of Fruit Queen.

Tatsiana emphasizes that success is not dependent on gender. She is convinced that perseverance, resilience, and the ability to stand one’s ground are essential. “Establishing your own trading company is a challenging task for everyone,” she notes. “It is crucial to gain the trust and support of both clients and suppliers before beginning cooperation with them. Only then can you survive as an independent entrepreneur in the AGF sector.”

Entrepreneurship with ambitions: The success of Fruit Queen on the global stage

Her passion for sales and her business skills have helped Fruit Queen become a full-fledged supplier of vegetables and fruits to supermarkets, especially in Eastern Europe. “We specialize in citrus fruits and vegetables. Recently, we have also started our own imports from Morocco, Egypt, and Ghana,” she reports.

Starting from scratch, Tatsiana dreamed of having her own booth at an international exhibition and has participated in it multiple times. Her main dream has come true, and Fruit Queen is not only present in the market but also actively expanding, launching imports from various countries around the world.

The success story of Tatsiana Lysenka is an example of how courage, perseverance, and passion can turn dreams into reality. Fruit Queen continues to carve out its place in the market, while Tatsiana continues to inspire women around the world with her example.


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