Since 2015, Fruit Queen has continued its journey

For nine years, Fruit Queen B.V., located in the heart of the fruit center – Breda, Netherlands, has been providing its customers with high-quality service and selection of fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the year, high-quality fruits and vegetables are transported to our warehouse in Breda via air, sea, or land transport, and then shipped worldwide to our customers. Nothing is unreachable or impossible. We are ready to deliver any exotic product to you at any time. Freshness is our main criterion, and we guarantee maximum flexibility, whether it’s a special offer starting tomorrow or a planned festive sale already in the making.

Thanks to close cooperation with producers and suppliers worldwide, we offer the best delivery terms and competitive prices. For us, service quality is just as important as the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Producer → Fruit Queen → Customer

Flexibility and consistent quality are our trademarks. We monitor quality and processes with our own staff and maintain direct ties with producers.

Regular visits to producers, along with our customers, help us maintain a transparent supply chain and ensure outstanding product quality.

Why Fruit Queen B.V.?


  • Highest flexibility
  • Wide range of offers
  • Customer focus
  • Optimal pricing
  • Exceptional service
  • Attractive special offers
  • Highest quality assurance of products
  • Collaboration with producers and
    suppliers worldwide


  • Receipt of price and assortment request from the customer.
  • Preparation and provision of an individual offer.
  • Approval and confirmation of the order by the customer.
  • Thorough quality control and preparation of goods for shipment.
  • Preparation of a complete set of export documents.
  • Loading and shipping the order to the customer.